Combating seasonal lulls in the recruitment industry

If you’re a recruiter, you will no doubt be almost used to the seasonal lulls in both contracts to be filled and contractors to fill them, but why not make this year the one where you plan ahead and get a real head start on Christmas 2016?

We are sure that January has seen an influx of people ready to work and plenty of vacancies to be filled, but that doesn’t mean that next year will be the same and while your closest competitors might see the festive period lull as an inevitability and therefore not be prepared to make it work for them, you could cash in on their negligence!

We’ve put together some handy tips for making sure that you aren’t affected by seasonal slowdown, so take a look and see what you could out into practice. If you’re still in the midst of a lull, these tips will be exceptionally handy for you right now as well!


When a lull is approaching and you start to see opportunities drying up and becoming less frequent, the worst thing you can do is sit back and accept it as a downside of the industry. Instead, use this time to sharpen your response times and refocus your energy!

While competitors are slowing down ahead or after Christmas, you should be running at full speed and highlighting their limitations in direct contrast to your own efficiency!


A quiet spell is a great time to make sure that you are touching base with each and every one of your professional contacts and though sending out a host of Christmas or New Year cards would be a bit much, there are plenty of ways to ensure everyone is still thinking about you and that you are at the top of their ‘must contact’ list.

A mailshot is a fast and simple way to pass on seasonal greetings to everybody, while also advising about any opportunities that you have available. We suggest that you send out two different emails; one to clients and one to contractors. This will help to make people feel that you have taken the time to address them directly, while allowing for targeted messages. For contractors, you will want to keep them informed about any upcoming vacancies and remind them to stay on top of any admin, while clients will want to know that you have capacity to take on more of their needs.

To make an even bigger impact, strap on some wings and become a social (media) butterfly, as this is a step that many competitors will neglect. Pop onto valued clients’ pages and post a personal message, as this will really set you apart from your lazier and less focused competition.


Getting despondent when your industry hits a quiet spell is all too easy, so we want you to grab hold of your positivity and give it a good shake!

Reports suggest that recruiters are increasingly aware that they are trying to source fantastic contractors from an “ever-shrinking talent pool”, meaning that competition is stronger than ever and the need for effective workers is getting more desperate by the day. If you focus on the industries that are searching the most, such as IT, finance and engineering, you could find that you are able to enjoy very lucrative contracts, but you must have the right contractors at your disposal. This is where constantly looking for good people comes in!

While Christmas slowdown is in full effect, who knows how many exemplar candidates could be out there, trawling networking sites for a recruiter just like you? They want high paying contracts and a regular frequency of work and you need someone that is an expert in their field and the perfect representation of your agency; it’s a match made in heaven, but if you have shutdown for Christmas, you won’t find them! Stay vigilant, proactive and positive until you actually leave the office for a few days of sofa dwelling and eating, as it could be in the twilight hours that you strike gold!


While we all know that job satisfaction and enjoyment are important, let’s not beat around the bush or feel awkward when talking about money. You want it and there is no shame in that. In fact, that’s how the world works and unless you are running a charity, you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve your own finances, which is where chasing Christmas bonuses comes in!

With recruitment getting slow for everyone in all industries over the festive period, keep your eyes peeled for contracts that offer additional financial or otherwise incentives if they are filled at short notice, or before Christmas shutdown. As an extra perk, your contractor might also be able to negotiate an even better rate, making your commission soar too. It’s a win, win, win situation and who doesn’t love those?

While it can be easy to fall into the trap of wrapping up in warm office clothes, popping on the heater and thinking about your upcoming days off, as a recruiter, you have a responsibility not only to yourself and your bank balance, but also your clients and contractors, to always stay on the ball and ahead of the competition. If you have taken the time to source the best temporary workforce in the UK, don’t risk losing them because you are feeling disheartened by a lack of opportunities to give them, simply find some. Similarly, if you have amassed a covetable client book, don’t make them wonder if you have anyone for them, stay in touch and reassure them that you are ready for a new year of joint success. The simple fact is, everyone wants to make money and you are the lynchpin that can make it happen, so are you going to rise to the challenge while your competitors are sleeping or are you going to nod off and join them in a slow start to a new year?