Hashtag benefits for Business

If you are a social media fan and are already using Instagram and Twitter to great effect, there’s no doubt that you are a master of hashtags too.

What are hashtags? They are words that follow a # symbol and denote what you are talking about. So if you are posting a quick thought about IT consulting on your Twitter page, you might end it with #ITconsulting. Of course, when you start really getting to grips with it all, you can get creative and SEO-minded with your hashtags.

In terms of new marketing strategies, hashtags are up there. They finish your social media posts; help people find your articles, even if they aren’t following you already and open up a whole new audience that wouldn’t have known about your skills, thoughts and opinions. If you want to significantly increase who your content reaches and improve your SEO impact, getting to grips with hashtags is vital.

There are three ways to use hashtags for marketing, this will let you determine which tack you should be taking to really target the right potential clients!

Brand specific
Brand hashtags are words or phrases that you come up with that will directly relate to your company. Most people will make this simple, by using the company name, but you can also include your company slogan. If, for example, you write a social media post about who you are and what you offer, it would make perfect sense to end the paragraph with your motto. Short, snappy tags usually work best and location can be useful too, so you might try something like #(company name)London. You can encourage clients to use your hashtags when taking pictures of things you have completed for them and this builds a gallery of content all about your business.

Certain topics will ‘trend’ if they are in the news and being searched for a lot. All social media sites list trending hashtags, so when one is relevant to you, add it to some content and see how many more views you get.

These are hashtags you slip into your normal writing, rather than placing them at the end. They are not branded and instead, simply point to what you are talking about, such as #computers or #self-employment. Other people looking to read about the latest developments in these areas will see your content as you have essentially flagged your writing up.

It might seem complicated at first, but start small and simple and see how much of a difference hashtags make to your marketing strategies. Just remember to keep them short and relevant.

Article: PayGroup PLC