How being an ‘open’ contractor can benefit you

It’s hardly a secret that being honest is a great way to maintain a business and build a solid reputation is it, but what you might not know is that being totally open about your operation and transparent in all your dealings could mean the difference between winning a wealth of new work quickly and having to go through a longer recruitment process with everyone else.

So, what does open contracting really entail? We think it means being 100% open about finances, contracts and operations, but in a way that goes beyond simply being transparent. We are talking about accountability. Take a moment, right now, to think about what you would do if a contract turned sour. Obviously you would be protected, legally, as you will have drawn up a binding agreement, but if a relationship turns negative, what would you do? It’s likely that you would omit the experience from your working record, isn’t it, but we don’t think you should. At least, not always!

How you deal with and tackle disagreements, difficulties and even legal disputes can help to define you as a professional just as much as your expertise and skills, as it is in your least triumphant moments that your true character, tenacity and attitude appears. Plus, your unfaltering honesty in talking about unsuccessful contracts will make you far more personable to prospective clients.

It’s not just sour contracts that will be the making of you as an open contractor, however, as filing your company returns every year for public consumption and having a sample contract included on your website will help future clients to see exactly who you are, how well you are doing and what working with you is bound to be like for them.  The more information you can give prospective clients ahead of them contacting you, or vice versa, the better as you can often skip the ‘getting to know each other’ stage of the hiring process.

Though accessible accounts, sample contracts and honesty are all valuable assets in a contractor, something that will really set you apart from competitors is statements as to your efficiency and competency, published on your website. It might sound surprising, but even those clients that you did not enjoy working with will more than likely be willing to give you a professional review and thanks to a mutual benefit to be gained from nobody bad mouthing the other, it will probably be suitable for Internet publishing.

Think about what you would look for in a contractor. You’d want someone you could trust, who followed the law, did what they promised and delivered on time, wouldn’t you? If you are claiming to be able to offer all of these things, you should have no concerns about becoming more open in your operations and prospective clients will have exactly this mindset too. The more you operate with total transparency, the better your reputation and the better your reputation, the more work you will win, so open up today and start reaping the rewards tomorrow.